Automatic Smart Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer S6

৳ 110,000.00 ৳ 95,000.00

Latest designed fiber fusion splicer, compact & light weight.

8s for splicing, 18s for tube-heating.

Three-in-one fiber fixture, suitable for all types of optic fibers.



S6 is a totally automatic optical fiber fusion splicer with high performance and low loss, it has new fiber imagery system and digital design.Widely used in the metropolitan area network construction and FTTX fiber engineering.


  • Core to core digital alignment
  • 8s for splicing, 18s for tube-heating.
  • 4.3-inch touch screen, small size, easy to carry.
  • High-power dual-LED light, convenient for night construction.
  • 5200mAh removable lithium battery, 280 cycles splicing and heating.
  • ARC calibrated by temperature and air pressure automatically
  • No mirror design, reducing maintenance workload.
  • Apply to high & low temperature, high altitude and harsh environment.



Fiber count Single
Applicable fiber SM (G.652), MM (G.651), DS (G.653), NZDS (G.655), others (like G.657)
Splicing loss 0.02dB (SM), 0.01dB (MM), 0.04dB (DS), 0.04dB (NZDS)
Return loss >60dB
Operate mode Manual, Auto
Fiber alignment Core to core alignment
Splicing time Typical 8s
Heating time Typical 18s
Heat shrinkable tube 60mm, 40mm
Fiber cleaved length 8-16mm
Fiber view magnification 350X (X or Y view), 150X (X and Y view)
Display 4.3-inch touch-screen LCD
Tension test 2N
Battery capacity 5200mAh removable inner Li-battery, 280 cycles splicing and heating after one-fully charged.
Electrode life Around 5000 ARC discharges
Interface USB for data download and software update
Night construction Built-inhigh-power dual-LED lights
Power supply Adaptor, input: AC100-240V, output: DC13.5V/4.8A.
Operation condition Temperature: -15-50℃, humidity: <95%RH (no condensation)

Working altitude: 0-5000m. Resist max. wind speed: ≤15m/s

Weight 1.95 kg (including battery)
Dimension 130mm(L)×154mm(W)×132mm(H)


Standard Package

No Items Qty
1 Fusion splicer 1
2 Fiber cleaver 1
3 Fiber stripper 1
4 Drop cable stripper 1
5 AC adaptor 1
6 P.S cord 1
7 Spare electrodes 1 pair
8 Cooling tray 1
9 Manual (CD) 1
10 Carrying case 1
11 Calibration certificate 1


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